Bklyn Designs

Identity for an annual design show in Brooklyn, exhibiting the local furniture, lighting, accessories and art from up-and-coming designers.

The identity centers strongly on copywriting, driven by six statements on design which capture the unique energy and spirit of Brooklyn. The typography became a reflection of this spirit, set in bright colors and arranged in unexpected ways.

Bkd brochure

The statements co-exist with the wordmark, to create a dynamic and flexible design system where the focus is always expressive typography.

Bkd signage street
Bkd collateral tat

The typographic system adapts to large-scale signage and small-scale promotional collateral like temporary tattoos.

Bkd signage ext
Bkd ad


  • Role
    Design, website development
  • Studio
    Maiarelli Studio
  • Creative direction
    Giona Maiarelli