Identity for a new media distribution platform using blockchain to empower artists.

Formerly SingularDTV, Breaker launched in 2018 to evolve the entertainment industry using a decentralized ecosystem giving artists more control over how their work is distributed.

The identity, created at Order, was a collaboration with digital artist, Zach Lieberman, who developed a sphere of generative particles, representing Breaker’s network of media unbound by imposing or restrictive systems.

Breaker ooh 3 2

Built using openFrameworks, the form of the particles can be customized in endless iterations.

Beyond the logo, the particles extend the visual language interweaving between images and typography.

Breaker type b

The typeface, Everett, designed by Nolan Paparelli, mirrors in the particles in its uppercase forms, evoking the same angular geometry.

Breaker sweatshirt