Nike: From the Grounds Up

Motion for a new series profiling athletes who are creating community change.

Nike soccer thumb square


Identity for the largest contract design show in North America held every year in Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart.

Neocon 2018 ad square

Żywieckie Suwakowanie

Identity for an annual low-brass festival in Poland where trombonists and tubists from around the world gather to make new music.

Zs poster thumb


Identity for a new media distribution platform using blockchain to empower artists.

Breaker app thumb


An ongoing project translating the text of E.E. Cummings into moving compositions.

Demo Festival

Moving modular typography displayed at Amsterdam Central.

Demo 1 1 thumb


An ongoing project collating images of similar types into motion shorts.



Bklyn Designs

Identity for an annual design show in Brooklyn, exhibiting the local furniture, lighting, accessories and art from up-and-coming designers.

Bkd thumb

Oblique Strategies

A series of moving posters based on a deck of cards by the same name.

Kitchen Sink

Things that didn’t fit elsewhere.